European Software Developers Community

Traditionally, an individual or a small team of individuals would be meticulously assembled from far and near, and flown to a central location to live, work, and commute together. The era of classic programming gave rise to Silicon Valley and other worldwide hot spots of software design, including Redmond, Washington and Tokyo, Japan.

Nowadays, the internet has smashed the barriers of software design and developers can skip all the buss and fuss by outsourcing online. There are many benefits to outsourcing software online which include the availability of outsourcing worldwide talent at essentially your very doorstep. Additionally, outsourcing online allows you to shop for competitive pricing advantages.


By nearsoring, developers can get comparable quality for an extremely bargain price by shopping around online. Where do developers find programmers online? They can be found just about anywhere. Programmers range from a nerdy to “cool” in personality type, and can be randomly ran into on virtually any large website.

In particular, several websites are particularly adept at locating outsourcing opportunities for online programming. Dice is a collection of online outsourcing resumes from information technology professionals who can be hired through outsourcing online. Slashdot is an online community of very computer oriented people, with its self proclaimed caption “News for nerds. Stuff that matters.”

It’s full of programmers and techie geeks who frequent forums online. In addition, online sites such as provide a virtually endless supply of outsourcing resumes with names of potential outsourcing programmers. Lastly, sites such as and allow developers to post essentially reverse auctions for online outsourcing jobs where interested applicants will apply each trying to bid low enough to win a project.

Outsourcing project

After finding a programmer to assist in outsourcing your project to online, it’s important to begin establishing a communication guideline. Is the programmer that you are outsourcing reliable enough to run free until deadline, or do you need status updates? If so, what kind of contacting do you plan on requiring?

Even if you are outsourcing someone for a tiny project who you allow to run free range, it is still beneficial to occasionally drop lines back and forth regarding the progression of outsourcing programs. This can be done very easily online through programs such as instant messengers, which facilitate quick file transfers and rapid conversational exchanges.

Additionally, outsourcing online provides a unique benefit for smaller developers and independents who work a day job. While finding a programmer to work second and third shift is nearly impossible for conventional employment, online outsourcing of jobs can and are taken all the time worldwide by candidates able to work any hours of the day.

These individuals obtained by outsourcing bring in addition to their programming skill solid understanding of online work concepts and can prove valuable in establishing a developer plan for the outsourcing of additional projects. Outsourcing online also allows employers to test the waters and talents of local candidates versus regional, national, and international candidates through the usage of quality programming outsourcing diagnostic tools and software such as Prove-it! or with a simple auction for selected candidates to complete a basic programming challenge.

Satisfactory completion project

From the online experience, initial projects can be completed through outsource which upon satisfactory completion can often lead to internal payroll jobs and careers or at least potential for the future outsourcing of projects to be completed online.

Regardless of the reasoning, whether it be saving money or finding the best of the best in the world, outsourcing programming online is a valuable tool for any developer to obtain hard-to-find talent in every area of project design from common languages such as C to obscure languages such as Rebol. Individuals who are obtained through online outsourcing can be found to assume any task in the programming development cycle from document preparation to copy-editing, online translation and more.